LEGO Star Wars sets and Harry Potter LEGO sets for sale


LEGO enthusiasts are celebrating Christmas earlier this year. Zavvi’s huge sale on some of their most famous sets from Star Wars, Harry Potter, and other franchises.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Collector Series set 75192

ZAVVI is available for you to check out


It’s been a long time since you were able to make a Hogwarts Castle or Millennium Falcon replica for your home. By using the code LEGO10, you can save another tenner.

As Princess Leia and Han helped save the Galaxy, Chewie, Luke, Han, Chewie, Chewie, and Chewie saved it. top-tier collectors can also save £130 on the Ultimate Collector Series LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon set which is now £519.99.

This set does not include Han Solo, the young star of Solo, or Lando Calrissian, the Falcon’s original and true owner. We’re confident that the 7541 pieces included in this set will be sufficient for your home mission.


LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 Collectible Building Model (75308)

A second option is for hobbyists who are serious collectors. LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 Collectible Building Model, currently  sold out but still abailable on Amazon.

The set comes with 2314 pieces as well as a display stand that can be built. This set includes an information plaque and R2-D2 LEGO figurine. It also contains an exclusive Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary LEGO brick.

Part of a premium-quality collection, the 12.5-inch (31.3 cm) tall droid can be found here LEGO Star WarsBuilding kits for adults. It’s perfect as a gift for Star Wars fans, advanced LEGO builders, and for Star Wars fans.



LEGO Star Wars Imperial Light Cruiser Set 75315)



 The set contains 1336 pieces, and is suitable for ages 10+. The set includes five LEGO minifigures, the Mandalorian (Cara Dune), Fennec Shand(Fennec Shand), Moff Gidon and a Dark Trooper as well as a LEGO figure Grogu (aka child).

Some weapons include The Mandalorian’s Amban phase-pulse blaster and spear and Moff Gideon’s darksaber – you know for the inevitable hero vs. villain playtime.


LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Toy (71043)

ZAVVI is available for you to check out


It LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Toy is on sale with a Whomping (Willow) saving of £70, bringing the price down to £279.99.

This collectible is for people aged 16+. It also features highlights from Harry Potter, such as the Great Hall and Hagrid’s Hut, the Whomping Willow, and the moving staircases.

You will also find 4 minifigures as well as 27 microfigures that feature students or professors. There is even a blue Flying Ford Anglia car that can be built into the tree’s spinning branches.

You can also accessorise your Castle with the Sword of Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff´s cup, wands, potions, house banners, flames, a cauldron and 2 magnifying glasses.

It’s the perfect gift for any teen Potterhead, and a great way for them to disconnect from digital distractions for a bit.

And don’t forget to use code LEGO10 for an extra £10 off on all these sets.

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LEGO Star Wars sets and Harry Potter LEGO sets for sale

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