Tesco launches huge half price toys sale – it’s perfect to buy Christmas presents

TESCO launches a massive sale, with toys as low as half priceJust in time to begin Christmas shopping

Discounts will start Monday, October 3, 2013.

Tesco offers a Christmas Sale on Many of Its Toys

Toys will be discounted by 40% to 50% with prices starting from as little as £7.50, but you’ll need a Clubcard.

Tesco’s loyalty program, the Clubcard, offers customers discounts on select products.

You can also earn points that can be used to buy items in-store, or at one of Tesco’s partners.

Some of these products include Lego Friends Value pack, down from £40 to £24 – a saving of £16.

You can pick up a hy-pro football table for £12, down from £24 and half the price.

And squishmallow toys are discounted to £11.50, down from £23 – another half price offer.

Sale available till November 2nd at 260 Tesco outlets

Anne Borrett, Tesco’s toy category manager, said: “We know that with the cost of living squeeze Christmas can be quite a strain on the wallet – especially for families with more than one child – so we want to make it easier for them to spread the cost of buying presents.”

You should always search for the best deal and estimate delivery costs.

It doesn’t matter if a retailer has products on sale, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t find it cheaper elsewhere.

Sites like Pricespy.co.uk  CamelCamelCamel will be able to tell you if you can get something cheaper elsewhere.

You can, however, monitor prices in the meantime PriceHistory.co.uk can tell you if Tesco has ever stocked the same toys for less to give you an indication of when the best time to buy is.

It is also possible to manually verify the price by typing the product name in Google.

We searched Tesco for toys and found them at a lower price.

Bluebell Cottage for Sylvanian Families

The Sylvanian Families Bluebell Cottage, on offer at Tesco for £42 down from £70 was being sold for £39.99 at The Baby Farm.

George was part of Asda. the same toy for £40, so £2 less than Tesco.

However, Bargain Max was selling one for £42.99 so you’d make a saving by going with Tesco.

Lego City Stuntz Value Pack

Tesco was the seller of Lego City Stuntz Value pack for £25.50 down from £43.

Although there are many products in the price range, we came across something that was similar pack on Amazon for £27.97Tesco packs are a little more expensive than Tesco packs.

Argos however was selling the product for £25, so 50p cheaper than Tesco.

Squishmallow Assist 14 inch

The squishmallow 14 inch Assist in Tesco was selling for £11.50.

Because there were so many options, it was hard to find prices online. We did however find two more costly than Tesco.

Aldi sold a Devin the Dragon Squishmallow 14 inches long on eBay for £23.17.

Also available is a 14-inch Squishmallow £29.99 on Amazon UK.

What is the best way to get a Clubcard?

Clubcard, a loyalty program that offers customers coupons to scan their membership cards at Tesco tills, is called “Clubcard”.

You get one point for every £1 spent – or one point for every £2 on fuel. 150 points is equivalent to a £1.50 voucher.

The vouchers can be spent at Tesco or with any of Tesco’s reward partners, such as Thorpe Park or Pizza Express.

Partner points can be redeemed to increase the value by up to threefold

That’s not all, and you can get discounts on selected products if you have a Clubcard, including getting your lunchtime meal deal for £3 instead of £3.50.

You can register online for your Clubcard on the Tesco site.

Tesco launches huge half price toys sale – it’s perfect to buy Christmas presents

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