Batman’s Joker star auditioned to play a different villain

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The BatmanThese spoilers will be coming.

Barry Keoghan initially auditioned for a role as a villain in Matt Reeves. Batman This has been proven.

In the DC film’s final moments, Keoghan made an unexpected appearance as the Joker, the Riddler’s neighbour at Arkham State Hospital – presumably hinting at partnership between the two in the confirmed sequel.

However, The EternalsStar revealed now that Star originally intended to be the Riddler. Paul Dano ended up taking the Riddler role.

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With the actor, he shared his audition tapes British GQIt was submitted by. TwitterWith the caption “Now watch @BarryKeoghan’s audition for Matt Reeves’ The Batman. This one got him the role of Joker.”

Keoghan responded with two clown emojis to the tweet

This footage shows him channeling both The Clockwork OrangeIn a green bowler cap with suspenders, the Riddler creepily moves down the hallway. ‘Danse Macabre’The background is the playing.

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When Keoghan spoke of the film and his secret role in it earlier this year, he gave the director high marks. “[Reeves is] brilliant, man. Matt Reeves and Dylan Clark especially and together were amazing to me – really, really amazing to me.

“You know what’s even better? Being a part of the BatmanThe universe is [a huge deal for me]. These movies are my favorites, especially the one about “The Hunger Games”. Batman universe. So be there, I’m still pinching my self.

“He’s a filmmaker I hugely admire as well. And to get to walk alongside him and see how he works, and seeing much like [Eternals director] Chloe Zhao, how comfortable he makes you on set, and he gives you the time you need and what you want. I’m in such a blessed position.”

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The Batman’s Joker star auditioned to play a different villain

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