Here are the top Lego deals September 2022: The most affordable and high-end LEGO sets

You can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on premium sets but not everybody wants that. While not all of the models are quite that pricey – with many under £100 – it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for deals and promotions that can often be found online.

Whether it’s for a family fun day or a birthday present, this guide will break down the best LEGO deals and cheap LEGO sets available now via retailers including Amazon, Argos and more. If you don’t want to manually search each website, make sure to bookmark this page as we will be updating it with the latest stock and prices.

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Here are the best LEGO Deals at a Glance

Best LEGO set deals available now

LEGO Friends Central Perk Café Studio (16+)

Deal: £69.99 £54.99 (21% off)

Fans of the U.S. sitcom Friends will adore this LEGO set, which is a replica of the Central Perk café, a location that is instantly recognisable from the show. This set includes 1070 pieces, seven minifigures and Ross, Rachel and Chandler. The set can be used by anyone 16 years and older.

Buy the LEGO Central Perk café for £54.99 at Amazon

Avengers Endgame Final Battle Set

Deal: £79.99 £69.99 (£10 or 12.5% off)

LEGO and Marvel have teamed together to recreate the iconic battle of Avengers Endgame in LEGO What’s not lovable?

It is the perfect gift to give Avengers fans. This gift includes 527 figures and pieces, including Captain America and Iron Man as well as Thor and Captain America. It even includes a LEGO model of Ant Man!

Buy Avengers Endgame Final Battle Set for £79.99 £69.99 at Very

LEGO Land Rover Defender

Deal: £179.99 £137.99 (save 23%)

These are the best LEGO TechnicSet will work best with 11+ builders but will be extremely popular with adult petrol-heads.

It’s a LEGO model of the Land Rover Defender, one the most well-known pieces of British engineering to ever hit the market. It’s made up of 2573 parts. It features an opening door, a piston moving, and a modelled dashboard. Save 26%

Buy LEGO Land Rover Defender for £137.99

LEGO London Architecture Skyline (13+).

Deal: £44.99 £31.99 (29% off)

This 468-piece and 15 cm high LEGO replica of London’s skyline has a variety of iconic buildings – including the National Gallery, Nelson’s Column, London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. This brick model can be used by any age, including those over 12.

Buy LEGO London Architecture Skyline for £31.99 at Amazon

LEGO Technic Ford Mustang GT500 (9+)

Deal: £44.99 £34.99 (22% off)

The 544-piece Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 replica is an excellent gift for car enthusiasts. This model features an easy pull back-release feature, which sends it forward. To see it in action, you can pair it up with LEGO AR+.

Buy LEGO Technic Ford Mustang GT500 for £34.99 at Amazon

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LEGO Punk Pirate Ship 8+

Deal: £59.99 £41.99 (30% off)

This set includes 615 pieces (8+), including a pirate ship, and three minifigures. These are the shark guitarist (Mermaid violinist), and the squid drummer (Squid Drummer). Visit the LEGO official site “Vidiyo”App offers a variety of experience, including the possibility to make a music video or reveal the stage personalities of your figures by scanning them.

Buy LEGO Punk Pirate Ship for £41.99 at

LEGO Batman Mask For Adults (18+)

Deal: £54.99 £45.95 (16% off)

This 410-piece recreation of Batman’s instantly recognisable cowl is designed not only as a fun building experience but doubles as a stylish model once it has been constructed – coming with a fact plaque and sturdy base. For those aged 18+, this one is recommended.

Buy LEGO Batman Mask for adults for £44.99 at Amazon

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Mall (plus)

Deal: £89.99 £58.79 (35% off)

Large set of 1,032 pieces, this includes multiple shops that sell tech, music, fashion, and toys. A photo booth, fashion stand, food court and food court are also available. The set includes six characters, and you can purchase accessories from the shops. The LEGO set can be played with your friends, and it is appropriate for children aged 8 to 12.

Buy LEGO Heartlake City Mall for £61.99 at Amazon

LEGO City Wildlife Rescue Operation (plus)

Deal: £79.99 £49.99 (38% off)

The City range is a classic series, and this model of a wildlife rescue operation has a wide variety of minifigures and accessories sure to help your child’s imagination run wild, including an elephant, calf, crocodile, monkeys and four rescue workers. LEGO helicopters even come with a cargo bay and working winches.

Buy LEGO City Wildlife Rescue for £54.98 at Amazon

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Tower Clock Tower (9+).

Deal: £78.49 £74.99 (5% off)

Enter the wizarding world with this Harry Potter set of the Hogwarts Clock Tower, featuring classic locations such as Dumbledore’s Office and a Yule Ball scene, alongside mini-figures including well-loved characters from the movies: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fleur, Cedric, Viktor, Dumbledore and Madame Maxime (9+).

Buy LEGO Hogwarts Clock Tower for £79.99 at Amazon technology section includes news, reviews, offers, and other information. Subscribe to our technology newsletter.

Here are the top Lego deals September 2022: The most affordable and high-end LEGO sets

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