LEGO NINJAGO Element Master minifigures: A history


As LEGO NINJAGO approaches its 10th anniversary, it’s important to remember the minifigures and characters that brought this theme to where it is today, including the Elemental Masters that inhabit NINJAGO.

LEGO NINJAGO’s 10-year history has featured many minifigures and characters, but none as beloved as the Elemental Masters. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of how many characters have been created over time.

Not to worry, as Brick Fanatics is delving deep into NINJAGO’s history to find every instance of an Elemental Master, and which sets they can be found in. From the core cast to the most niche character, here’s every instance of a LEGO NINJAGO Elemental Master minifigure.

This list will contain spoilers for characters from LEGO NINJAGO’s various seasons..

Creation and destruction

NINJAGO is a system that allows for creation and destruction. Even though technically not elements they are essential.

It is the ability of creating from nothing. It is now quite common, even though it was used by only a handful of characters.

Lord Garmadon as well as Sensei W have used the power for good or evil. They are direct descendents of the First Spinjitzu Master, who established the NINJAGO universe.

Both Sensei Wu and Garmadon have appeared in a great many sets over the years and can currently be found in 71718 Wu’s Battle Dragon and 71701 Kai’s Fire DragonBoth contain a Dragon, an NINJAGO creature that can also use the power to create.

However, Destruction is more popular among characters, but much less among minifigures. A power that acts in the opposite direction to creation is called destruction. It demolishes and takes away the life that is existing.

This power was used by many characters including Garmadon and Oni (the villain) as well as Mystake, who is the owner of the tea-shop. Minifigures don’t include Garmadon. Mystake appeared in70657 NINJAGO Docks, the Oni in 853866 Oni Villains Conflict Pack.

Energies, darkness and gold power

Only two people ever had access to these three power, only one of which is an element. Lloyd Garmadon is the Overlord, and the green ninja.

The ultimate powers of darkness or darkness are golden power and darkness. They have only been used a handful of times. The Overlord and the green Ninja have never used them. Energy is Lloyd Garmadon’s elemental power and the most powerful elemental ability.

Both of these characters also appear in the 2021 NINJAGO Legacy Set.71742 Overlord dragon. This set recreates an epic battle between light & dark. This set is reviewed by us.

Water, fire, earth and lightning. Ice

The most popular minifigure in the theme is the Japanese heroic ninja, who possesses these elements. This power is held by Nya and Cole Jay as well Jay and Jay.

They can all be found together in one box with their home and mobile headquarters. 71705 Destiny’s Bounty depicts a vehicle that has become a frequent set over NINJAGO’s lifespan and is the only currently available set to include all six ninjas, including a much younger Lloyd Garmadon.

The three elements of Amber, Smoke and Shadow

Amber allows you to touch and duplicate any element. Although only one person has ever used this ability, the minifigure of Skylor has made three appearances in sets. Skylor was first seen as Skylor in 70746 Condrai Copter Attack. She was later seen wearing a 853687 Accessory set. Skylor recently appeared in 70651 Throne Room Challenge.

When the shadow is on, it makes it difficult for users to see them. Shadow completely blends all of these elements together. Smoke transforms the user’s body into smoke, becoming intangible and unstoppable for a time. Shade and Ash used these abilities to help NINJAGO. Skylor had them as his 853687 Accessory Package.

Metal and speed

Metal users are truly immovable due to the Elemental power they have. The shiny metallic form transforms them into an extremely powerful, durable being. Karlof is one of the few to possess this power.

Speed gives the wielder the ability to dodge nearly all attacks while moving very quickly. This power belongs to Griffin Turner, and both his and Karlof’s minifigures remain exclusive to 70756 Dojo Showdown


Mind and Time

The Elemental Master of mind has the power to read other’s thoughts and predict their movements. A sharp headache can be used to distract them, which makes it very strategic. This power was first seen in the 5004938 Bricktober Minifigure Pack. His appearance was alongside the Master of Fire, and one of the Masters in Time.

The most powerful ability in NINJAGO’s world is time. You can use it for four purposes. There are four main functions: You can speed it up, slow it back, rewind and stop the time. Two masters of time existed at the same time. Acronix and Krux were the principal villains in 70626 Dawn of Iron Doom.


The elemental master of wind is also another elemental who used his power for self-interested purposes and was a villain to NINJAGO. Morro was the antagonist of the Possession wave 2015. He took on a ghostly form to enslave Lloyd because he was jealous of Lloyd’s selection as the green Ninja. Morro was included in Set 70743 & 70738.

Dangerous light and poisonous

Elemental Masters have a more unique design, as their minifigures come directly from LEGO Ultra Agents. Tox and Paleman were NINJAGO’s characters. Their Ultra Agents counterparts appeared at the same time.

Toxikita appeared in both waves of Ultra Agents in 70163 Toxikita’s Toxic Meltdown and 70169 Agent Stealth Patrol. The design includes a tank top and a spike collar, with green markings adorning her skin. Invizable is a celebrity 70167 Invizable gold getaway,were she was able to use her powers, including the ability of invisibility.

The NINJAGO characters are the same in both ability and design to that of the Ultra Agents villains, and their minifigures have only appeared in that theme’s sets so far. Both characters have been a part the show’s newer seasons, even after their Ultra Agents debut.

Nature, gravity and sound

There are only four Elemental masters left. Three of these will be appearing in the new 2021 set. Brick Fanatics was recently reviewed 71735 Tournament of ElementsThe new LEGO NINJAGO range will also be available for purchase. It includes three minifigures required for the completion of Elemental Masters.

Gravis, the supreme ruler and master of gravity. Gravis is gifted at controlling the forces of nature around him. Gravis can fly, lift objects and people using this ability. Gravis is able to change gravity or invert it. Jacob uses his sitar to create sound waves that can be used to locate dangers.

You can manipulate the growth of plants and trap your enemies with the element of nature. Bolobo completes this set and is the master of that power. As he is completely naked, his minifigure look is unique. The character looks more natural.

For more information, see Form

Form is the last element of NINJAGO’s universe. The master can change their voice and appearance as often as they like. Chamille is the master shape creator but hasn’t yet been featured in LEGO sets.

The LEGO Group has one remaining character, so hopefully they can complete the five-year-long series. Chamille wasn’t the first to say that she was going to hell. This could be a sign of a future on the side the villains but we can only hope it’s at least a minifigure.


LEGO NINJAGO Element Master minifigures: A history

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