LEGO advent calendars 2022 available now!

LEGO Star WarsAmazon 2022 advent calendar, 94.97

Including eight LEGO Star WarsThe 2022 Advent Calendar features six miniature-figures with character figurines in festive costumes, including a summery Darth Vader and six additional mini-builds like a beach scene.


LEGO Friends 2022 advent Calendar, $45 (normally $59.99), Amazon

Christmas is a time for spending quality time with loved ones and this Friends 2022 advent calendar – featuring mini-dolls, reindeer, Santa and more – encapsulates just that.


LEGO Harry PotterAmazon 2022 Advent Calendar, $110

This video captures Christmas’ magic. Harry PotterThe advent calendar is sure to make every young wizard or witch blush.


LEGO City advent calendar $59.99. Myer

This advent calendar features figurines as well as mini-builds, all based upon the LEGO CityAdventures TV Series. With this exciting advent planner, the kids can make their winter dreamland.


LEGO Marvel Guardians of the GalaxyAmazon 2022 advent calendar, $79

Rocket, Groot, Mantis, and intergalactic friend Rocket are counting down until the big day. Guardians of the GalaxyAdvent Calendar.


Here are 2021’s best LEGO advent calendars.

Is Lego advent planning a family tradition? Is there a year when you haven’t been able to get one for your collection? Maybe you were looking to get two sets for your children. You’re in luck.

These have been some of our most loved advent calendars for years. If you hurry, the last one is still available.

LEGO Star WarsAn advent calendar for 2021 at $101.58,mazon

LEGO Star Wars2021 Advent Calendar For Kids Features Star WarsStart atMandalorianSeason 2. Season 2. Baby Yoda with a festive sweater


LEGO Harry PotterAdvent calendar for $42.59 (usually $49.99), Amazon

After opening all 24 doors, discover everyone’s favorite. Harry PotterYou’ll find a wide range of characters as well as iconic Hogwarts moments in the calendar. You can even play the game for kids with the spinner.


LEGO City Mini Builds Calendar, 84.82, Amazon

It’s packed with mini-builds, fun Lego CityThe Christmas characters of TV and the accessories that are related to them, like a Duke DeTain snowman. These are the LEGO cityThe Christmas Advent Calendar is just as festive as it gets.


LEGO Advent calendars are still available for purchase

LEGO Friends 2018, Advent Calendar, $134.41 Amazon


LEGO Friends Advent Calendar, $139.64 Amazon


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LEGO advent calendars 2022 available now!

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