Nine LEGO Minecraft sets will be available, which include BrickHeadz.

Six more are available LEGO MinecraftBrickHeadz models. 

LEGO MinecraftIn 2023, a brand new collection will return with multiple themes. In 2018, 41612 Steve & Creeper was released bringing the block-based design of Minecraft to the BrickHeadz style. Price comparison site BrickmergeThe addition of a trio listing suggests that these two themes may cross again in 2023. 

The listings indicate that Alex, Llama and Zombie might be joining Steve in BrickHeadz. Although these listings are not verified by LEGO Group, six listings suggest they might be. LEGO MinecraftSets with similar names to current miniature scale models. These names are transliterated. 

Here’s everything to expect from LEGO MinecraftBrickmerge predicts 2023. Use it instead of official confirmation 

Give your namePricesItemsPublication date
21240 The Swamp Adventure€9.9965January 20,23
The Bee House, 21241€19.99TBCJanuary 20,23
The End Arena, 21242€24.99TBCJanuary 20,23
21243 Frozen Peaks€34.99TBCJanuary 20,23
21244 The Sword Outpost€44.99TBCJanuary 20,23
Panda House, 21245€49.99TBCJanuary 20,23
Alex 40624TBC862023
40625 LlamaTBC1002023
40626 ZombieTBC812023

The official online shop previously sold 40624 Alex, 40625 Llama and 21420 The Swamp Adventure. These sets are expected to be available by 2023, as we already know. 

It’s worth pointing out that a new Minecraft game will be released next year, so it may serve as inspiration for future models as we previously saw with Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Earth. 

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Nine LEGO Minecraft sets will be available, which include BrickHeadz.

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