There’s precedent for a $530 LEGO Star Wars Yavin IV base

There’s precedent for theRumoured LEGO Star Wars Yavin IV base at $530The rumour may be more credible because of a previous set.

This is the most recent LEGO Star WarsAccording to online rumors, a $530 replica of Yavin IV’s base will be released later in the year. It would be in the top tiers of the cheapest tiers. LEGO Star WarsAt least, models in the scale of their actual size. It wouldn’t be the only expensive LEGO recreation of the location from a galaxy far, far away though.

In the past, we’ve seen the release of 75159 Death Star?, 75229 Betrayal at Cloud City 75290 Mos Eisley CantinaHigh-priced means LEGO Star WarsLEGO Group has been making playsets for years. Rumours suggest that this model may include a small-scale Millennium Falcon like the one I featured in 75222 Betrayal At Cloud. CityThe TIE Advance in 75159 Death Star

A Yavin IV set, as we also know, is an item that will be very useful for the elderly. LEGO Star WarsA prototype built by the design team helped to bring out what the designers had in their minds. included in the LEGO Star Wars VisualDictionary 2009 (pictured at the top of this headline). Precedent of models and midi scale ships, such as 75222 Betrayal At Cloud CityThe evidence to support a Yavin IV Set was considered by LEGO Star WarsIt might have been supported by previous evidence.

However, it’s just as likely that the evidence is doing the opposite. It is possible that the false reports were inspired by models from the past and prototype sets, particularly since more credible sources seem to doubt the report.

For the moment, it is important to be skeptical about any reports concerning a $530 Yavin IV build until they have proven their reliability.


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There’s Precedent for the $530 LEGO Star Wars Yavin IV Base

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