Although these LEGO Sets may be more costly than Amazon, Amazon has the best prices


LEGO revealed earlier in the year that it will increase prices for a variety of LEGO sets. It’s now official. The prices for popular sets will go up, with the price ranges from just a few dollars for small sets to as high as $70 for larger ones. Amazon has also taken into account the increased prices at LEGO Stores and other retailers. However, Amazon still hasn’t raised prices on AllThese are the sets that have been affected by price increases. These are sets that you still can get at the old lower price.

Lower Prices on LEGO Sets

While these prices wouldn’t have been considered deals just a few days ago, they actually do qualify as deals now, since these sets are more expensive elsewhere.

These are some of the most popular sets. First off, ’90s kids can’t go wrong with the Sonic Green Hill Zone. It’s colorful and delightful — just look at it.

You can find many Star Wars sets at a much lower price than the one here. Darth Vader helmetThese items are much more affordable than their MSRP. These are much cheaper than the MSRP. Trench Run dioramaThis is one of my favorites. The best thing about having money is to buy it. At-ATs of immense sizeThis is incredible. Of course, if you can afford that one, the extra $50 probably wouldn’t break the bank, either. Even so, every penny saved could be earned.

Some other notable options include: Infinity GauntletLEGO Sets and The Marvel Line of LEGO Sets Chamber of SecretsHarry Potter Collection

Some sets, which aren’t franchise-based, are still sold at original price. Medieval BlacksmithThe amazing treehouse set. This treehouse set makes a great addition to any home. Get a $10 coupon by clicking on this pageThis is the most economical (24%).

The Meta Quest 2 price rise and the LEGO news will cause people who enjoy fun things to go bankrupt. Take advantage of these sets before they increase in price.

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Although these LEGO Sets may be more costly than Amazon, Amazon has the best prices

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