LEGO sets themed around Minecraft include dragons, traps and brooms.

There’s not yet any LEGO version of TNT, but the traps are quite useful.

The LEGO version of TNT hasn’t yet been invented, but these traps are very functional.

Mojang is a partner with Microsoft to promote Minecraft outside of games. LEGO has partnered the two companies to produce a variety of Minecraft-style sets in various sizes.

IGN reporters discovered every LEGO set that was released in 2022. Some sets can be very large. Fan might buy a entire village, or build a trap house.

It’s important that the whole set has many functions. There isn’t much LEGO version of TNT yet, but the traps work: you can open a hatch under the skeleton or put down a few blocks. Another way is to make an invisible door that has the monster inside.

LEGO LEGO Minecraft models can also be interactivity. To kill enemies, the Guardian could release a projectile from his hand and the bunny could jump into the ground. These kits’ creators are still trying out bows and skeletons for how much time.

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LEGO sets themed around Minecraft include dragons, traps and brooms.

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