Thieves stole Disney princess castle and Minecraft Lego sets in £4k raids on B&M stores


He’s one of three London robbers at the moment “brazenly”Sets of Lego including Disney Princess Castles can be taken on an adventure to B&M shops in Nottinghamshire.

A manhunt was launched after stores in Worksop, Mansfield and Netherfield were raided two days – with over £4,000 worth of Lego sets taken.

Police officers caught the gang when they saw their getaway vehicle packed with Lego and Disney Lego sets.

Three men wearing baseball caps entered the shop during normal business hours. After taking reusable shopping bags, they walked out of store sans paying.

A shop worker challenged the trio during one of their raids. They fled the scene in a vehicle.

They were wanted in connection with the Lego thefts. As it traveled on the dual carriageway, a team of officers stopped it.

Lego sets, which were stolen

/ Nottinghamshire Police

Three counts of theft were filed against each of the three male occupants.

Conlon McDonagh, 22, of Southall, west London, Tom McDonagh, 22, of Enfield, north London, and Patrick Ward, 22, also of Southall, admitted theft at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on September 2.

They were sentenced to 18-weeks in prison with a 12-month suspended sentence. For them to be released from jail they will need to not be convicted for any other offense.

For a one-year period, they were prohibited from going into any B&M store in England or Wales.

Sergeant Antony Coleman was the investigator and stated that: “Thanks to the instincts of the patrolling officers whose suspicions were aroused by the considerable amount of Lego in the vehicle, these brazen thieves were all swiftly caught.

“They travelled to Nottinghamshire to commit these high-value thefts, thinking they could get away with it. They were wrong.”

Thieves stole Disney princess castle and Minecraft Lego sets in £4k raids on B&M stores

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