This LEGO set allows you to build your own Dom’s Dodge Charger.

Ten films are possible (if spin-offs are included). “Fast & Furious”This is one of the most famous franchises. While there’s been dozens of famous and well-known cars in the franchise, few are as iconic as the Dodge Charger that’s shown up in different movies in the franchise over the years. If you’re a fan of both LEGOs and the films, then you’re in luck: LEGO has worked with Universal Studios to bring this true-to-life car Direct to your door.

This 1,077-piece kit has a lot of detail for its age. However, most people who are assembling it will be older. It features an engine that is realistic with its own head, trunk, and some NOS tanks. This makes it more spectacular.

The only small downside here is that it’s a bit too big for the Technic Car Transporter, so if you’re a fan of TechnicYou can also have the following TechnicFor cars it could be quite a challenge. A wheelstand bar can be added to the car for display purposes. Also, the inside has some nice detail, so if you want to take the top off (even though the car doesn’t do that in real life), you could!

So, if you’re intrigued so far and love the franchise, you can pick up Dom’s Dodge Charger LEGO Set on AmazonIt’s now $79.99 instead of the usual $99.99. That’s $20 in savings to put on another LEGO set!

This LEGO set allows you to build your own Dom’s Dodge Charger.

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