Watch LEGO Builders Create a Massive STAR WARS Jedi Temple Diorama

We’ve seen some impressive Star WarsLEGO has produced many LEGO buildings, but this LEGO one is the greatest, at minimum in scale. There are several. LEGO Friends/Star WarS enthusiasts built a large replica of this famous statue. Jedi TemplePrequels featured Coruscant prominently. The build required more than 50,000 parts and took 9 days to complete. This build was completed by Lee Roberts, a Builder. David HallThis entire process was recorded and then uploaded as a timelapse. Hall’s YouTube channel. Here’s how to see the amazing creation in action:

Each of the builders will tell you how they got there. Beyond the BrickThe diorama took nine days to build, and both the men worked nine hours per day. It is an incredible feat of dedication that should be admired by true Jedi. If they were just LEGO Jedi Knights before, we say they’re LEGO Jedi Masters now! As big as the LEGO Jedi Temple is, they confirmed that it’s not exactly minifigure scale. Instead, it’s scaled to the micro LEGO figures. It’s still possible to display minifigures, but it looks cool.

The pièce de résistance is the interior though. It showcases Anakin Skywalker and the clone troopers’ attack during Order 66. This is an accurate representation of what happened as it was in Revenge of the Sith. You can also make flashbacks. Obi-Wan Kenobi too. There’s even a LEGO minifig of Youngling Reva. Also, we see Anakin walking into the temple flanked with his troops.

The Order 66 attack on the Jedi Temple recreated in LEGO form.
Beyond the Brick

In a fun nod The Clone WarsCad Bane minifigures are used for scaling the walls. This reference is from the episode “Holocron Heist.”We love the spot where Anakin kills Jedi Younglings. Revenge of the Sith. To ensure that you don’t be It is also possibleThe room was darkened by the LEGO structure, and they filled it with miniaturefigures including Yoda, Jedi Jar-Jar, Grogu and Jedi Jar. This is a little bit of fun. It’s LEGO, afterall.

LEGO builders Lee Roberts and David Hall stand before their massive Jedi Temple LEGO build.
Beyond the Brick

To see more of Lee Roberts’ LEGO work, head on over to his YouTube channel, Brick Builder Studios. And to see more of David Hall’s LEGO goodness, check out his channel at Solid Brix Studios.

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Watch LEGO Builders Create a Massive STAR WARS Jedi Temple Diorama

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