It is a good idea to buy LEGO Star Wars 75313 At-AT online


LEGO Star Wars 75313 AT-AT launches next week, and while it’ll be available in-store, you’re probably going to want to buy it online.

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It is quite heavy, as you’d expect for the most expensive LEGO set. The Ultimate Collector Series set is actually quite heavy. The 6,785-piece collection at its full weight – including its instructions and packaging – is a mammoth 12.4kg.

Consider the odd dimensions of the box and how it might be transported from the local station to your home. LEGO Store suddenly doesn’t sound too enticing. To that end, you’re probably better off letting your local courier service do the (literal) heavy lifting by ordering it online at the stroke of midnight on November 26.

We say the stroke of midnight because that’s when it’s apparently going to launch – although the LEGO Group has been known to jump the gun before – and we can’t imagine stock levels holding out for long on this one.


The LEGO Group may offer an early solution with box-on-wheelsAdopters of 75313 AT/AT as it did with 75192 Millennium FalconIn 2017. But you’ll still likely need to queue for the opening of your local Black Friday: LEGO Store – whether at midnight or its regular opening time – to have any hope of grabbing one.

Amazon: Check the Price


If you’re currently figuring out your strategy for acquiring 75313 AT-AT on launchYour best option is to search it out online right away. And if you still manage to miss out, let’s hope you’ve been using lockdown to work on your

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It is a good idea to buy LEGO Star Wars 75313 At-AT online

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